Monday, November 25, 2013

25 random things about me

  1. i like things that sparkle, but glitter i will run away from with arms flailing.
  2. i am quarter japanese with a splash of irish, german, and english (my surname is of english origin).
  3. my mom and i go on a mother/daughter trip every year in may: so far we have been to san francisco, chicago, new york city, seattle and nashville. may 2014 we are going to new orleans!
  4. i dream about water, whether it is a small puddle or the rolling sea, every single night without fail.
  5. i am afraid of the dark like no one's business.
  6. i love to watch the ghost hunters show on syfy every chance i get (i think no.5 might have something to do with no.6). my dad and i like to go on ghost hunting trips: we've stayed at the queen mary in long beach, a few locations, like the hotel san carlos, in downtown phoenix, and the grand hotel in jerome and around town (scary). 
  7. i get my love of elephants and cherry blossom trees from my late grandmother - she was amazing and i am reminded of her through them.
  8. fall is my favorite season and i was lucky enough to see some of fall in paris this year.
  9. i tell people, when they ask, that my favorite city is chicago. that is not entirely true. i don't know why i tell people that.
  10. i had a photo of my "aura" taken while in sedona one year. the woman said i have a lot of "spiritual insight" and i am very in-tune to people and what their intentions are (that part is true). 
  11. my "lucky" number is 11 (like many people, it seems) and my dad and i see it everywhere. my dad is a little more into the number than i am, but he says i was born on the 11th at 1:11 pm for a reason... hopefully it is a good reason. eeek.
  12. my boyfriend thinks i listened to him when he said we can't have a lot of dogs... because we will.
  13. my dog, oliver, is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.
  14. i own my own pet photography business, funny bone pet photography
  15. my favorite song is girl by the beatles.
  16. my favorite book is the five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom.
  17. i love mediterranean food (falafel pita wraps with hummus were pretty much all i ate while visiting london - i know, that just sounds ridiculous).
  18. two words: peanut butter.
  19. some of my favorite movies from childhood that i can watch over and over again are now and then, fried green tomatoes, funny face, the labyrinth, and obviously the little mermaid and beauty and the beast.
  20. i love going to the ballet and musicals. i wish i had the talent and courage to be in one just once in my life.
  21. i feel like i am going to be sick anytime someone drags their bare feet on the ground, especially on carpet. it's like nails on a chalk board to me. it seriously gives me the creeps just thinking about it.
  22. i am in love with the art world, it is my passion in life: painting, drawing, architecture, design, photography, etc... but keep me in a museum longer than an hour and we are not friends anymore.
  23. traveling to new places and old favorites is why i exist. as soon as i am home from a trip, i am already planning my next adventure.
  24. i want to swim and spend a day with wild dolphins in the open sea. basically, my childhood wish to be a mermaid is still true.
  25. i am a firm believer in the law of attraction and giving to the universe what you want in return; positive thoughts, being kind to others, giving, having a happy life and good health are all things i strive to achieve in life.

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