Saturday, November 9, 2013

a forever home

i think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  for me they are the role model for being alive. -gilda radner

oliver and i.

i adopted oliver (his birthday is february 14 - how sweet- and is 7 years old) during the summer of 2012. it wasn't the easiest process because not only was he over-weight for a dog his size and was about 9.8 pounds, but his heart was racing a mile a minute and he was breathing heavily and rapid. it was the saddest thing.

i called his previous owner asking what i should do. when was his last vet visit? was he sick before he was handed to me? i just didn't know. i met his previous owners half way from both of our homes - they were kind enough to help me out. and i'm sure they were beyond worried about the little guy! they ended up taking him back, as tears filled my eyes and i sobbed on her shoulder, to see if maybe his reaction was induced by stress. 

the next day his owners informed me that he was fine and his breathing went back to normal. he had a vet visit where they found out he had pneumonia. at that point i was hesitant if oliver was going to be okay coming back home to me. i was worried about his health and stress level. his previous owners reassured me that he will be okay to come back to me, but they were going to keep him for a couple of weeks until his medication was complete and he was healthy again.

it was the longest two weeks ever.

on august 12, the day after my birthday, i drove to their home and picked him up. he was happy and healthy and almost knew that he was mine now. the rest is history. he has completely changed my life. adoration. we take him pretty much everywhere: car rides to the cabin up north, trips to telluride to visit family, california to play at the dog beach, grocery store trips, etc. he is one spoiled, loved and absolutely happy dog.

over a few months and vet visits we had him on a strict diet: no people food, and plenty of healthy and low calorie treats. he is now a healthy 6.5 pounds. the vet wanted to see him at 5 pounds, but my boy is a sturdy one, so the vet was happy with that consistent weight.

if you can adopt an animal, i highly recommend it. we will be adopting another one in the near(ish) future. though, oliver will have to be a part of the deciding process. he is very protective of his family.


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