Monday, November 18, 2013

where you go, i go...

in life it's not where you go - it's who you travel with.
i never would have thought we would be some of those people you see carrying their smaller dog in their bag/purse, or in the front basket of their bicycle, or a in a special car seat so they can see over the dashboard (and also be buckled in for safety). yet, here we are... and loving every minute of it.

picking wild flowers on one of our morning bike rides.
a little downtown telluride stroll with dad and a car trip to payson to visit his other grandpa.

i think my dog loves water as much as i do. this little 6.5 pounder isn't afraid of anything, it seems. large bodies of water were definitely a new thing for him since being adopted by us. in fact, i think every adventure we've been on is a new thing for him. he has adapted so well to life on the go. i am so thankful i am able to take him with me on short trips as much as i have. he is such a good travel buddy.on longer trips he goes to the grandparents' place. his home away from home. i can't say "you wanna see grandpa?!" without him losing his little mind!

ocean beach dog park.
camping by the colorado river.
captain of the paddle board on a reservoir in telluride.

i recommend every business make their establishment a dog-friendly one. do you know how much more business they would probably get? i know i look for a pet-friendly restaurant when the weather is nice to sit outside. and i know i'm not the only one who is obsessed with their dog as much as i am.

lunch at the lodge (after a bike ride) in scottsdale and a nice lunch in sedona after shopping.

where you go, i go.

quick snuggles from our hotel balcony in mountain village and a typical "what ya doing up there?" look.

small talk and a view of lake powell in the distance.

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