Tuesday, December 10, 2013

blossom tree series | paintings

a few years back i did a small series of cherry blossom paintings to donate the proceeds to the american red cross | japan earthquake and tsunami fund that tragically hit on march 11, 2011 (there's that number 11 again). i'm glad to say that none of our family in japan were harmed, but it was heartbreaking to hear of the harm that was left behind.

my grandmother, aiko, was born and raised in yokosuka, kanagawa prefecture of japan and moved to the states with her new husband (my american grandfather - a military man) in 1957. they met at a ball the military held on their base - and, if i'm anything like my grandma, which i am, she loved to dance.

she passed away in 1999 and left behind great memories of her and her beauty. one of the biggest memories i carry with me is her love of cherry blossom trees. she once told us the story of a letter she received from her father about her (then) upcoming visit to japan - her first visit back home since her move to america. he told her he planted 100 cherry blossoms trees in their yard for her and her arrival home. her father adored her.

my mom tells me she never made it home that time around. i'm afraid to ask if she ever got to see her cherry blossoms. i'm going to say that she did. 

now, here i am with my love of those trees, the plan to see them in bloom in japan soon enough, and the paint i put to canvas to create my own versions of our blossom trees. that being said, i have a few blossom tree paintings for sale below if you find your little mind in need of one, or if you would like a custom one made. you can message me on my website for more details.

until then, my friends, i hope you appreciated my little tale of family history; though it was light in detail, it is where we came from, and i'm pretty proud of that.

blossom tree series | summer gold  (2 panel - 12" x 36") 

blossom tree series | florentine clay (1 panel - 24" x 36")

blossom tree series | mossy aura (2 panel - 18" x 24")

blossom tree series | moon shade (1 panel - 24" x 30")

blossom tree series | rare wine (2 panel - 12" x 36")

{noriko, if you're reading this: i know i had planned to visit you years ago, and you keep wondering when on earth i will - but, i promise my next trip will be to see you! a little shout-out for you. he-he.}


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