Friday, January 10, 2014

cherish every moment

"what day is it?"
"it's today," squeaked piglet.
"my favorite day," said pooh.

every day we are reminded just how precious life is; and, we all, at some point each day, continue to forget this and take it for granted. 

we are human.

the most important thing to do is to keep living the life that you were given, and live each moment you were given to its full potential. we all tend to catch ourselves taking things for granted. we all, hopefully, feel remorseful. we all swear we are never going to take anything for granted again. we all slip up. it's life.

we are human, i'll say it again.

continuing to be a good person and helping others is all that really matters. after all, aren't we all here on this earth to help each other? i try and remind myself every day, especially when i feel fearful about life and how it can be so quickly taken away, to remember that we are all here for a purpose. some of us don't know what our purpose is just yet, some of us knew our purpose the moment we could talk, some of us may never learn our purpose - but, then again, maybe we have been serving our purpose all along and have yet to realize it. 

for me, continuing to be the best person i can be is so important to me, not only for my self-gratification (it really does feel amazing helping people), but for the people my life reflects on. i cherish every fragile moment life has to offer me, and i don't want to be fearful of regrets and things that i cannot control. 

for now, my purpose is to smile contagiously, regret less, forgive more, love unconditionally, give graciously, and be me... always.

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