Wednesday, January 29, 2014

little things to make a house a home

i love finding little items that are very "me" to add to our home decor. 

more than that, i love getting gifts from family and friends that they thought to be very "me".

these are some (only some) of my most favored items in my home - both gifted and adopted by me.

very "me-esque"... 

obviously, this little blessing with the bedhead is my all time favorite - though, he is family and not decoration, he is still the best part of my home. 

an epic yard sale find from my dad.
i love antiques and vintage treasures.

my dad picked this out and said it reminded him of me.
very impressive find.

i found this at paris, paris fashion and home in scottsdale, arizona.
it was a little more than i would typically spend on my own decor, but it was too amazing to pass up...
and it was half off - come on now!

just about everything here was purchased from ross (yup!)...
and, i just glued on some corks to an old framed painting.

these beauties used to belong to my grandmother.
my aunt held on to them until i was old enough to keep them safe.
they are my most valued possessions.

these were found at t.j. maxx - both under $10.
i love this store. i do.

everyone needs a bonsai tree in their life.
they remind me of my grandmother. 

this ampersat was gifted from my boyfriend's mom, jan.
i'm a huge fan of ampersat and ampersand decor such as this.

the storer of old college books i can't let go of.
i love the pattern - i need it in wallpaper!

another perfect thing i found at t.j. maxx that hangs in the office.

oh yes! i found this praying plant at home depot when i was buying some paint. the name captured me.
a scented candle from world market my sweet elizabeth gave me.
i love the pattern and colors!
a nice $10 shelf from ikea, a handful of twigs in a plain vase, and one of my favorite photos. clean and lovely to look at. :)

oliver's favorite bone from his auntie brenda (definitely decoration because it is always in sight)...
and where i came up with my pet photography business name.

gifted from my dear friend, tannia, on my 26th birthday...
right before we jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane together. <3

gifted from my good friend michelle.
it was given to her when she was younger, and she passed in on to me. <3

an amazing drawing my talented best in the west, kristen, gave me for my birthday years ago.

vintage/antique style skeleton keys! give me, give me, give me.
i found these at paris, paris fashion and home.

last, but not least (because he was also the first photo),
a tuckered out oliver on his favorite blanket.
a blanket that he decided was his.

as you can tell, i have a very specific liking of things.

i guess you would call my style a "worldy eclectic bohemian chic" that i've had to tame down to incorporate my boyfriend's "modern and crisp" style.

for someone that has always surrounded herself with tons of color and patterns and things... i think we found a lovely compromise.

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