Thursday, January 16, 2014

miles of friendship

it doesn't matter how far away you are from the people you cherish the most in life, and it doesn't matter if you don't talk or see them every single day. the only thing that matters is how close they are to your heart.

 i value the friendships i have maintained over the long years of being a teenager and wondering what we are going to do over the weekend, to the ups and downs of early 20's and what we are going to do over the weekend, to the struggles of becoming an "actual" adult with "actual" adult problems and all of the weddings and baby showers to attend over the weekends. 

friends like one of my best friends in the world, kristen, are friends that i know i can count on no matter what, no matter how far, and no matter how often. this is someone that has been mad at me for solid reasons, someone that has laughed with me when i tripped and fell on my face, someone that cried with me when both of our fish died on the same day, someone that held me when i cried over sour relationships, someone that would do nothing with me, someone that would do everything with me, and now, with the years of miles between us, she is someone that i think about every day and wonder what book she is reading at the moment and when will i be able to see her next.

the plus side of having a friend live so far away are the treasures and letters you can send one another (i have some amazing art from her - so very talented). the inscribe pictured above is from something she wrote into a hardcover book that she crafted into a keep-sake box and sent for my birthday. inside the box, a single heart hangs on a string in the hollowed space between the glued pages with a note she penned off paper from a journal book i gave her years ago (it has an elephant on it - teehe). now, it sits on my shelf in my living room and i think of her every time i see. magical.

i don't think we will live in the same city again, not in this life anyhow, but i cherish her and our friendship and feel as close to her now with miles apart than i would feel if she were sitting right next to me. 

"grab the moose, it's time."

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