Sunday, January 12, 2014

narrow road to the interior

scottsdale museum of contemporary art (smoca), in the glorious heart of scottsdale, arizona, is probably one of my favorite museums. it's close to home and quaint.

quaint being the operative word.

i love and appreciate art in all forms, but shuffling through museums for hours is not my thing. oddly enough.

i've been to numerous (i mean numerous) museums all over the world (they are fantastic, don't get me wrong); and, each time, before i enter their corridors, i know exactly what i want to see - i find it, i marvel, and i get out! simple enough.

recently, the smoca was displaying contemporary japanese artists. i, being of the japanese descent, am always elated to check these things out. we decided to make an evening of it and went after one of our weekly happy hour nights at geisha a go go in scottsdale. cultural enough. 

needless to say, i am proud of my culture, and any time i get to share it with someone, i am happy... enough. :)

"narrow road to the interior"

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