Saturday, January 25, 2014

spay pride 5k run/walk

my friend, katherine, brought up this event to me - how i have not heard of it before then is unknown to me - so we signed up, and got a couple friends to join us. 

basically, what this event is about, is getting people aware of the importance of spaying your animals and adopting the ones that don't have a choice in what kind of life they get - you have a choice. i'm a huge advocate of rescuing and avoiding purchasing a pup from a breeder. there are too many amazing animals already existing that are in need of a solid, forever home. for more information visit panacea animal wellness santuary. they are a non-profit organization that exists to prevent any unnecessary euthanasia to animals; and, like any non-profit community, they need the help of us to make sure these animals are taken care of.


okay, so, going to this event i knew what to expect. and, if you have ever been around 200 dogs that are happy as can be, then you know what i witnessed here.

pure heaven. 

i brought my little buddy, oliver, with me - he will take any chance he can get to be by my side for multiple hours at a time and meet as many dogs as his little sniffer can handle. my darling friend, nikki, was gracious enough to wake up at 6:30 am and partake in the adorableness with us.

we walked over the hill to the tents from the parking lot and couldn't help but giggle at the sight. there were so many dogs dressed up in their pride costumes and their people talking amongst each other - all dog lovers a like. i knew it was going to be a great morning.

catching frisbees, sniffing one another in excited greetings, running in circles bounding about, and rolling around in the grass (that was in need of some major rain) without a care - just picture it! these were the dogs doing this, not their people - thought i would throw that in in case you came into this article and decided to start from the middle. ;)

the race begins and everyone headed out on their 5k adventure with so many dogs wanting to stop and chat instead of make that loop around the pond and back to the finish. my 8 year old yorkie has so much more energy and vibrance than he did when we first adopted him, but that doesn't mean he is willing to walk a little over 3 miles in one sitting (which is exactly what he did - sit -  in his backback carrier while his mom and girlfriend, nikki, chatted about lunch ideas). we made it back around to the end in a hilarious 55: 00 :00 finish. we took our time.

this event, all-in-all, was a success. don't worry! if you are bummed you didn't attend, you can still make a donation at spay pride 5k run/walk! i'm sure there will be many, many more photos you can peruse and giggle at. i giggled a lot when i was going through my photos - dogs are such a delight.

you can view the rest of these photos on my business facebook page: funny bone pet photography.  

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