Wednesday, February 19, 2014

88.9 miles

(or 1 hour and 25 minutes) 
that's how long it typically takes my dad to drive to phoenix from payson.

he usually makes a morning of it on a free weekend.
though, this past weekend he stayed all day - yay!

we had breakfast outside (so oliver could join us - of course) at the orange table and went for a walk around the overly-green-for-this-time-of-year park of scottsdale civic center.

the weather was seriously amazing. 
it's a little reward to us phoenicians for surviving the wicked heat of summer, perhaps. 
or for simply being smart and living in arizona.

we went plant shopping.
i will never turn down a chance to bring new plants home.

i picked up a jasmine plant (the amazing smell of its blossoms are wafting in through the open doors right now - open doors, yes, in february), a hanging plant that has leaves that look like the most impressive dreadlocks of a man i once saw playing music on the streets of seattle, and a little fern that has leaves that looks like sideshow bob's hair from the simpson's.

later, we went to the movies. 
going to the movies has been our thing for all the years that i can remember.
it's difficult to catch a movie with him that he hasn't already seen - he loves his movies!

we ended up seeing vampire academy.
don't laugh, ha-ha, but i actually liked it.

my dad is a small town guy, 
so i always appreciate it when he comes down to the ever-growing city to see me. 
i'll probably be going up there next - big city girl with the small town roots. :)

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