Saturday, February 15, 2014

acts of kindness

last night, john and i went for a short bike ride. 

on our way home we noticed a white dog out on his own in front of an apartment complex. i watched him for a little while to see if maybe his owners were out there, as well, but there didn't seem to be anyone around. 

i rode my bike across the street to where he was and softly called out to him. 

oliver, sitting in my bike basket, don't judge, seemed to catch eyes with the dog - which, in turn, gained a little of trust.

he meandered his way to me.

very slowly. 

i held out the back of my hand for him to sniff, and apparently we were instant friends because he was bounding all over the place. 

oliver wasn't sure what to think besides the fact that this white, scruffy "creature", in desperate need of a bath, was scratching up his sweet ride. 

bark! bark! bark!

i attempted to get the number that was on her collar...

"molee" - not sure how it's pronounced {mo-lee or mah-lee}.

anyway, a woman approached us as i'm debating the name and gender of molee in my head, and asked if the dog was ours.

i was hoping she possibly knew whose it might be if our answer was no. 


i dialed the number but it seemed to be disconnected.


the woman offered to take molee, her car was just around the corner, and continue to try the number. or to possibly take her to a shelter to check for a chip.


in between our interaction with this woman and this happy, bounding dog, an elderly man approached from around the corner.



he was checking to make sure no one needed a ride to a gas station because he thought her car was broke down on the side of the road, due to the hazards she put on.

okay, what?

i feel like no one offers that to people anymore.


aww, thanks for checking, kind man.

eventually, i helped this woman (sadly, i didn't think to catch her name) leash molee with oliver's leash and walk her to her car. molee instantly jumped right in - yes, car ride! where we going?

we thanked her for being so awesome and helping this poor pup. 

as i rode past on my bike, i peeked in her car to see molee sitting tall on the center console, tongue hanging out, and quite pleased.

long story short, we went for a bike ride and witnessed two separate acts of kindness from total strangers within 5 minutes of each other.

where they even came from, i have no clue.

seriously, they came out of nowhere.

it just goes to show that we are all here to help each other and to try and make life a little easier for one another.

good luck, molee!

and thank you, kind person(s), for being there (randomly and luckily) with us.

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