Sunday, February 9, 2014

daisy aiko meeks

there is a new arrival coming soon, and we will know her as daisy aiko meeks.

my cousins, tommy and penny, are expecting their first baby girl in a few short months.

she will be tall. she will be beautiful. she will be loved.

my cousin tommy has always meant the world to me. he was also the world to our grandmother, aiko. i know how much she would love to be here during this new and exciting time in tommy and penny's life.

we all wish she could be here, too. 

though, she will continue to rest in our hearts and in our minds and she will continue to come out in all of us at any given time.

i made this picture frame to give to tommy and penny at their baby shower - a little piece of our mother and grandmother was with us during that moment, i'd like to think. 

 i have a feeling that daisy aiko will grow to know and love this woman just as much as her family, whom were given the opportunity to know her and love her in person.

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