Monday, March 17, 2014

be spontaneous, be laughing, be free

(the sedona edition)

i woke up at 8:30 am (which is sleeping in for me) sunday morning and decided i wanted to go hiking in sedona that day.

"hey, nikki... wanna go on an adventure in sedona today?"


by 10:00 am we are packed and on our way for a full day of playing (falling) in the creeks of sedona.

i wanted to take nikki to a little spot my friends and i would go on the weekends while in college at nau. needless to say, i wasn't exactly sure where it was because we would usually park somewhere along the road and climb down to the bottom of the cliffs, and there are way more no parking signs than before! not cool.

we decided to park at grasshoper point and clumsily meandered our way along the river until we came across the spot. 

we found it, but i wasn't convinced this was the same spot. yes, there were many drunk college kids lying around, but it didn't seem the same.

we kept moving forward.

finally, we got to a point where we could no longer head in the direction we were heading due to a barb wire fence (which typically wouldn't have stopped me before, but i have a dog now that i need to think about - ha ha), so the only option was to turn back and admit that the place we passed an hour or so before was the right one.

on our journey we laughed, fell into creeks, got attacked by thorny brush, and chased by spiders that literally came running at you from out of the water. ummm, not okay!

once back to the spot, we had our picnic lunch (away from the kids because we are uncool now with our "old age") and listened to the rushing water and laughed some more about nikki falling into the freezing water.

i guess i should admit that i willingly jumped in after a large water spider cornered me on the tiny rock i was standing on. but that's not as funny as falling in.

we will definitely be making more trips here this summer; and now we know where to go, how to fight off the creepy crawlies, and, most importantly, which rocks to avoid (cough, cough, nikki) while crossing the strong current creeks.

all-in-all it was an eventful, fun, gorgeous and calming day.

there's something tranquil yet unsettling about crystal clear creek water.

ehh, seems safe enough.

midgley bridge

before nikki fell in...
and after ( i missed the actual fall, but i heard it.)
"will you fall in again so i can get it on camera??"

perfect end to a perfect day at page springs cellars.

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