Monday, April 7, 2014

northern az-venture

i have lived in arizona my entire life, aside from a couple years when i was younger where both my parents (whom have been separated since i was two) decided to be adventurous and try new states. 

my mom and i moved to fort lauderdale when i was in first grade, which i loved.

my dad moved to seattle shortly after we moved back home, which i visited in the summer, and loved.

i flew. a lot.

anyway, i try and make time to truly appreciate the beauty that comes along with the heat of arizona.

northern arizona doesn't get much better when it comes to beauty. 

our sunsets can make the most stoic of man weep. 

one of my best girlfriends and i took a short trip to sedona, cottonwood, and prescott this weekend to do some things we haven't in a while. 

we were supposed to go canoeing on willow and watson lake to end the trip, but the season doesn't start for another couple of weeks. bah! we made up for it with a picnic on the rocks in the middle of the water.

luckily, nikki, didn't fall in this time.

and you better believe, when we went horseback riding, i suggested the option of her wearing a helmet (as in, do it). 

i think i might just buy her one for, like, life in general... 

sedona - cottonwood - prescott... go!

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