Tuesday, May 20, 2014

robert aquarius, artist

i met robert selling his artwork on the street in new orleans along side many other talented artists trying to share their work with anyone who will stop and appreciate it.

i am one of those people.

i commented on robert's amazing hat and asked him if he happened to be selling any of them.

he didn't have any, though he did sell some at the jazz festival that we just missed earlier that month, but said he would paint the one i was wearing for me. not being able to part with the one i was wearing (because it is my beloved go-to messy hairday hat, and that day, i had messy hair), i told him i would go buy one and bring it back shortly.

15 minutes passed and i popped around the corner skipping towards him with my purchase. i'm not sure how he could possibly be any more excited about it than i was, but... he was.

he told me he would work on it overnight and have it for me the next morning at the same spot. thinking about our flight being later on that next morning, i was nervous the timing wouldn't work out. however, i left it up to faith and trust and went on with my very amazing, new orleans day. 

the next morning i turned the corner where robert was initially set up, crossing my fingers he would be there, and there he was...


he still had a few finishing touches for the "love trees," but time wasn't important at that moment, i was just really excited to see my new authentic fedora.

i am so thrilled to have met this unique individual and even more excited that we are invited back to his home for a home-cooked louisiana meal, and plenty of whiskey and wine to go around, with he and his wife next time we come to town. robert claims that he used to be a well-known chef around those parts and all i can say to that is, "bring it on with the yummy food, friend!" 

now i have my very own african eye and love trees to frolic around town in.
pretty good stuff for a last minute request.

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