Friday, December 12, 2014

west coast, best coast | best friend edition

it took me a while to get around to posting some photos of a much needed bestie trip that happened back in September.

my best friend, kristen, lives in south lake tahoe with her finace (teehehe), and i rarely get to see her.

my other best friend, tannia, just moved back from studying abroad in paris (ohh la la) and was in the works to move to portland for her dream design job (and succeeded).

so, what better opportunity than to all meet up in northern california for a little west coast friend-fest (and, most importantly, wedding talk) reunion? brilliant ideas, as always.

i flew from denver, visiting family, to san fran and met tannia and kristen at the airport. the excitement was overwhelming when i saw kristen's sweet face - literally, i almost cried. relief.

from there we had an amazing couple of days walking (everywhere), drinking and eating (everything), shopping (way too much) and giggling (constantly). 

kristen had to head back to s. lake to her cat and man (though, i'm sure larry the cat was beyond happy to finally get dan to himself - ha), and tannia and i needed to pick up our rental car (the cutest volks wagon beetle you will ever see).

the long voyage to san diego began.

we stopped in at all of the gorgeous beaches, cute shops, and eateries you can think of along the way. we stayed in quaint beach hotels and drove as we listened to california playlists while eating flaming cheetos and pumpkin seeds.

taking "selfies" at every opportunity.

the views were breath-taking, the company was top-notch and the memories are definitely keepers.

i cherish every moment i get to spend with these girls.

i looked forward to the many years of friendship with them 15 years ago,
and i continue to look forward to the many years of friendship to come...

with every life-changing event and every new area code,
these girls will remain attached to my heart string,
however the many miles apart long.

can't wait for the next reunion...
kristen and dan's wedding in appleton, wisconsin!!

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