Wednesday, September 9, 2015

we are morans | lou comes home edition

A few months ago we rescued another dog.


We think he is a mix between a Schnauzer, Portuguese Water Dog (he has some serious webbed feet!) and perhaps Shih Tzu - this guess is just going off his looks and general personality (which I'll get back to in a moment).

**update december 2016: we got a dna test for lou and he is said to be a lhasa apso, poodle and shih tzu mix**

The timing wasn't perfect for us, we are planning a wedding, but I saw a photo of him while doing my usual research of rescues that need extra volunteer help and needed to meet him.

"I have to at least meet him, John."

We both knew the outcome of me just going there to "meet" him.

I brought him home with me hours later and introduced him to our dog, the king of the house, Oliver.

For those that don't know, Ollie is more of a people furson. He adores his time with John and I and will get along with the occasional Italian Grey Hound and fellow Yorkie on the block - he is quite selective with the four-legged creatures. I knew that bringing Lou home to meet him would present a challenge.

It went better than I had anticipated, but Lou was quite ill with very low energy, so it was a mild first meeting for the two. After a vet visit, it affirmed our self-diagnoses of Kennel Cough. Oliver obviously caught it as well, because life. We treated them (two long, long weeks) and they both were finally back to feeling like themselves.

Hello, Lou's actual personality.

We learned very quickly upon his health and some much needed added weight that he was protective of his pack (John, Ollie and myself) and had a problem with most men... and women... and other dogs... and birds... and rocks... etc.

I understood that this comes with the territory of opting to rescue/adopt an animal from a shelter versus choosing your dog of choice from a breeder. I dedicate some of my life helping animals get rescued, so the choice to rescue is obvious to me.

"Every dog has the potential to be great. Some just need a lot more guidance than others."

I kept telling myself that during the daily setbacks and new discoveries as his personality unfolded.

However, we truly did see potential in Lou as he was a fantastic dog when at home where he feels safe (who knows what his life was like before the shelter took him and before I brought him home). He learns super quickly and is eager to please, but taking him places was out of the question and often times even walking him in our neighborhood was chaotic. The protective thing.

We turned to a professional trainer for help. That of Brice with Total Dog! Dog Training Solutions. We selected which training would best fit our needs and moved forward asap. We are currently on our fourth lesson and have noticed a tremendous difference with his social skills and overall obedience. I highly recommend you reach out to this company if you, too, are looking for help with your furry family member.

We have a lot of work to do yet, but we are confident that he will be as good out there in the world as he is in our home. We didn't give up on him.

Right now, Lou is sleeping on the sofa next to his brother, Oliver, which is a usual for the two of them. And in a minute, when I get up and go into the other room, they will be right there next to me - tails wagging.

world's cutest bodyguards.

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