Monday, April 3, 2017

hanging lake | glenwood canyon

we took a day trip up to glenwood canyon, about 7 miles from glenwood springs, colorado, to go on the most beautiful hike to hanging lake. 

this hike is very popular among locals and tourists alike. going in early april, while the weather was still a little crisp and the trails being a bit muddy with ice and snow, made it a little more personal and quiet as there were not nearly as many adventure seekers as there would be in the summer. most of the trees were yet to be in bloom, but the beauty still did not disappoint.

the trail follows a flowing creek with waterfalls sprinkled along the canyons. there is a lot of climbing up, but the hike is a fairly short one. once you reach the lake, you can see what the hype is all about. The crystal clear, turquoise water makes you feel like you are in a fictional world. It is not for humans to touch -- though, i've seen photos online where some "not-so-smart" people were in the water being disrespectful. But, here's to hoping the majority of people continue to follow this rule. I'd like to think this can stay pristine for years to come.

**we had a trained service dog accompanying one of us on this trail; however, dogs that are not approved are not allowed to join you on this hike. my dogs love to hike, but knowing this rule, they had to sit this one out.**

afterwards, we stopped at the famous hot springs in glenwood springs afterwards. I've never seen anything like that before. mineral water from the earth being pumped into the world's largest hot springs pool (with a diving board and slide)! you could feel the warm water seeping up through the cracks ... mind-boggling. 

here are some photos of our little sunday adventure. 

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